Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shocking News & Spring Cleaning

(15th March 08)

Oh My Gosh!!!!!

Ok.. I dunno what happen actually till i came home, but the weird thing was I got a call while at work from Aunt asking where's the digital camera... I was like.. what the heck you need it for? Is not like we going outstation or over seas....

Than I just told her where's the camera, than went back to my work and did not expect anything.

After work, I came home, finding all my windows and doors are open.. I was like What the heck? Why everything open one? Want the mosquito to come in and bite us or what?! Than I enter the house, I smelled burn smell I was like what's burn smell is this, so strong!!!!

Ask my sisters, they seem very angry.. I just want to know about it(what's wrong with you?!, which sometimes it make me very upset want to know also cannot... some time so hard to understand them) aikz.. never mind so was about to go to the kitchen, than someone rang the door bell.

Aunt and Uncle from the community member, they came to the house asking is very thing ok. I went huh??? Than we walk to the house, laundry area, that's where I realise the washing machine gone, while I was away at work. which is why my aunt ask for the camera, to take picture for evidence and reporting.

I become like why no one tell me at all? Than realise they don't want me to panic and worry. =D

After having long chat there, I got up have my bath, and dinner. (actually no mood for dinner, but eat la..) and than we decided what to do the next day.

Next day, we had spring cleaning...

Enclose here with the incident and the day of spring cleaning...

That's what happen when I came back

Washing machine that burned

See The Difference? One with ashes, and one clean up

This is how keyboard with out keys look like